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Why we did it

With almost 10 years experience in making renowned fuller bust bras for pregnant & breastfeeding women, the design team at Cake Lingerie know how to construct great bras that are comfortable & provide exceptional levels of support. When challenged to addressing a major problem & gap in the market (seamless – comfortable & supportive, bras for fuller bust women), we rose to the occasion! 


We took all that expertise when coming up with the design for Sugar Candy brand and product. We hope you love Sugar Candy as much as we’ve loved creating it..

Lifes Sweet

With some stats suggesting that around 20% of women in the world are an ‘F’ cup and up, that’s a lot of fuller busted women. Women with a fuller bust can sometimes be over conscious about the size of their breasts & feel it provides them with extra attention. Most fuller bust woman have considered a breast reduction at some point! A lot of fuller bust women wear tight, minimiser type bras to provide a smaller/reduced appearance.


There is no doubt that they are heavy and can come in the way, but having a fuller bust is perfectly normal! 

…so live life to the full!

Wearing a well fitted, fuller bust wire bra during the day is important & will change the way you feel. It will support you, avoid unnecessary movement & protect the ligaments in your bust – thus helping to avoid sag. Being confident and comfortable in your body & bust is important as society will only project back what you project outward in the way you act and connect.


But, what do you wear when you come home? Most women want to rip their bra off to gain relief! This is why we created Sugar Candy – the 1st Seamless Everyday bra for the fuller bust. Sugar Candy is super soft and wire free. It is designed to provide moderate levels of support, separation and forward projection in the bust.

A Typical Full Bust Bra
Sugar Candy Everyday Bra