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Best Fabrics to Wear in Hot Weather

It’s heating up and sometimes there is no escaping the heat. Tinted windows, large hat, air-conditioning and short skirts are perfect if it’s the weekend, but if you have do go to work in it, lunch break, drive around or do anything that requires manual labor, then you’re going to get hot, and sweaty, and smelly and uncomfortable.

Best fabrics for hot weather

Nylon: WHAT? I hear you say… That’s right but only if it is the ‘coolmax’ yarn that is specially made to wick moisture away from your body and keep you cool. Designed for ultra athletes but is cottoning on (see what I did there…?) in mainstream clothing also. So you don’t look like you’re going to a Knick’s game when you’re off to work.

Nylon Clothing

Linen: White or lightly coloured and loosely fitted is the best way to wear linen. It’s super absorbent, is natural and is one of the coolest fibers known.

Hemp: 4 times more absorbent than Cotton and 10 times as strong. Choose a lightweight cloth for that extra breeze factor.

Best Fabrics to Wear in Summer

Rayon: Rayon is a manmade fiber but it is made from cellulose and cellulose comes from trees. So, it’s semi- natural and is also super cool and breathable. The yarn’s high tensility means that clothes made from it drape well and are also super soft.

Bamboo Rayon: Double win! Super absorbent, natural and see above…

Don’t forget Cotton: Cotton is also great to keep you cool, as it’s absorbent and also soft and durable. Make sure your sheets are cotton and not blended with polyester. Cotton can be knitted, blended with other yarns, or woven.

Here are a few tips for how to stay cool when it’s hot:

Staying Cool When It's Hot
  • Stay Hydrated, don’t only stay hydrated but over-hydrate. When you have a glass of water, have 2.
    Keep out of direct sunlight – if you can’t then wear a hat, if you can’t then hold your bag over your head… I think you get my drift.
  • Keep your blood circulating so go for a slow walk or lift your legs up and down. Think airplane…
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Wear loose clothing
  • Don’t wear a padded bra unless it’s made from spacer (breathable) foam
  • Avoid thin fabrics, polyester or chiffon (unless it’s silk) as you don’t want anything to stick to you
  • Try wearing open knits or crochet tops to allow the breeze through (and perspiration out)
  • Avoid embroidery or heavy embellishments like beading
  • Carry a lightweight scarf in your handbag – this can drape over your arms when driving, over your head when in the sun or simply to dab off excess sweat from your forehead. Soak it in cold water and tie around your neck for an extra cooling (albeit workman) trick.
  • Wear unlined suiting – linings are often synthetic and act as barrier to perspiration (think sauna suit)
  • Stick to light colours as dark colours absorb heat
  • No backpacks or large satchels against your body. Carry a small handbag instead and tie your scarf off this.
  • To sleep better at night – freeze some rice in a sock and tie off the end and hold it against your hear or if you have large boobs, wedge it in your cleavage. Prrrr.

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