Meet out Candy girl, Clare Langsford, the face, the body and the bust of the Sugar Candy Bra!

Our 34H model and actress is an Australian, just like the Sugar Candy Bra. She is newly married and has the perfect outlook on life and that is “its short and sweet, so lets enjoy it!”. She is the epitome of fun and smiles. We have a bet going that no one can be in her company and not smile, and she’s winning hands down at that. We caught up with Clare to find out what her outlook on life is and her general thoughts on everyday life with a fuller bust. We’re serious but read on, and I bet you can’t help but have a giggle too…..

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What does it mean to be the face of the Sugar Candy Bra?

I’m excited to be part of something so fun and worthwhile. It’s hard to find a bra that is supportive and yet comfortable enough to wear when I get home – I’m excited to representing something I truly believe in.

What do you look for when shopping for a bra?

Comfort, support, shape and prettiness. In that order.

How do you like to feel when wearing a bra?

I like to feel good and I also like to be able to breathe! Which means nothing too tight, or with any straps or wires digging in. I like to feel comfortable, supported and generally just feel nice.

What do you like most about the Sugar Candy Bra?

It’s so comfy! Before Sugar Candy, I was never a huge fan of non-wire bras. To me, I felt like non-wire bras just smooshed me up into a mono-boob – not pretty and definitely not comfy! Sugar Candy, on the other hand, is comfy, supportive and it separates! No monoboob in sight. It’s perfect for lounging around home in or sleeping in – what’s not to love?

How did you become the Sugar Candy girl and what do you like best about it?

I’ve been working with the team for a few years now as a fit model, which means I try on the bras during development so they can see how it fits on a bust my size and I can tell them how it feels. They’ve always been focused on both form and function. That’s why I love everything they make!


A few years ago, they invited me to be part of a photo shoot for an upcoming catalogue to show what their bras looked like on a fuller figure and a larger bust. I’m pretty comfortable with myself, and love the company, so felt it would be a great opportunity for other women to see more varied sizes depicted – helps to see the actual sizes on a real person.


When the team at Sugar Candy approached me about being the Sugar Candy Girl, I was thrilled. It’s such a great product and worth sharing!

How has being the Sugar Candy girl changed you?

I’ve had some friends tell me they’ve seen my photos, and they’re excited for me and for the bra – because it’s awesome – but what I’m most excited about (and what I think has had the most impact on me), is how much it’s opened conversations about body image and reinforcing that every body is different and to embrace who you are. That has been amazing.

What s the one thing that defines you?

I try to look for the best in any situation. There’s always a reason to smile.

What s the one thing that defines you?

I’m a cat person. I think that says a lot about me. Meow!

What have been some of your least favourite lingerie moments/trends?

I’m not a huge fan of sheer clothing and there was a trend (maybe it’s still going on?) where you would wear sheer clothing in order to show off your underwear. I love my underwear and I definitely love my pretty bras – but I wear them for me, not for anyone else. Well… maybe for one other person.

What’s the best thing about having a larger bust?

Lots of shapely goodness! 🙂

What’s the worst thing about having a larger bust?

Finding clothes that fit – I rarely wear anything that requires buttons down the front because they’re always gaping going on, I end up having safety pins scattered down the front of my shirt! And don’t get me started on dresses!

Are there any non-sugar coated moments that you can recall thanks to your bust?

Space can be a little challenging. Take this situation for example: I’m in pilates and I’m on the ground lying on my belly when the instructor says we’re to lift our chests off the ground and then back down. I’m like bobbing my head up and and down because there’s practically no space between my chest and the floor!