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So what’s our story?

With over 10 years experience designing and manufacturing nursing bras and bralettes for fuller busted women - we figured out how to get maximum shape, lift and support, wire-free. And we’re pretty damn proud of it.

From there, creating SugarCandy* was a no brainer because well, we get it. As a business made up of 95% women (many F cup & up), we live the fuller bust life. We know women who do. We understand the struggle. We needed a solution just like you.

Unlike what some big brands might have you believe there are actually a lot of women who are DD+ cup (not really the minority market they’re made out to be). Shocker right. In the US alone, the average size is a 34DD and while there isn’t really much available in terms of recent research online telling us the breakdown of bra sizes across regions, we can speak from our own experience that there’s a lot of gals above an F cup looking for options. And let's bust another myth while we’re at it, having a fuller bust is totally normal but sadly a market generally overlooked by the big brands.

Thanks to big brands, this generalisation of the ‘normal’ size range, however, has led many women (even those with a fuller bust) to the assumption that a fuller bust = fuller figure. Wrong. Women of all different shapes and sizes can have a fuller bust. Often, it’s the women with a petite frame and a fuller bust that are the most overlooked market of all.

So, in an age of #bodypositivity and inclusivity, we hate that busty women are still being pushed to the side, boob-shamed, made to feel abnormal or anything less than comfortable in their OWN skin by brands who should be aware of the impact of their actions (or in most cases, their lack of action).

That’s why we’re ridiculously proud to say you’re our market. We’re here to make you feel comfortable, confident & supported. And give you the bralette that you deserve (one that actually does what it says it will). You deserve nothing less than to be treated exactly like the market you so rightfully are. Join us as we make #boobpositivity a thing.

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