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Sugar Candy

Bra fitting can feel tricky
but we’re here to help.

What should you expect from a Sugar Candy bra? Well, this isn’t your average comfort bra. The band should fit reasonably firmly around your rib cage, because this is where 80% of the support comes from. Meanwhile the inner platform slings will encompass and shape the bust, whilst providing much needed lower bust support and shape.

Fit Troubleshooter

Find your perfect fit based on your existing bra size with our super quick and simple bra fit troubleshooter.

Size Calculator

Use our easy step-by-step measuring guide and bra size calculator to find the fit that’s right for you.

Get Assistance

Our lovely staff are ready to help you find exactly what it is that you’re looking for, from fit to functionality.

How do you feel about your existing fit?

Ok, we need a few deets to
understand what’s going on:

Bra size calculator (it's super easy!)

Things you'll need:

measure tape

Measuring Tape

non-padded bra

Non Padded Bra


Mirror (Optional)

First off, can you tell us:

Let’s measure your underbust.

underbust mobile
gif2 underbust

Measure around your body, directly underneath your bust - where your underband will sit. Breathe out. The tape should feel tight but still comfortable.

My UNDERBUST measurement is:


My UNDERBUST measurement is:


Let's measure your overbust

overbust mobile
gif1 overbust

Measure around the fullest part of your bust - over the nipple, ensuring the tape sits parallel to the floor. Again, the tape should feel tight but still comfortable.

My OVERBUST measurement is:


My OVERBUST measurement is:


To book a virtual fitting with us, we
just need to know the following:

Let's find your perfect fit!

I need help figuring out my bra size

Your Sugar Candy size is…

Based on your input, we think you'd be best fitted as a 12FF, making your perfect fit for all SugarCandy products size M.


Making your perfect fit for all Sugar Candy products an M

I need to do this again...