20 Body Positive Influencers You Should Follow

Collabs by Sugar Candy - January 25, 2024
Body Positive Influencers

It’s no secret that the fashion industry has made huge strides towards inclusivity over the past few years, and while there’s still more work to do, social media is severely lagging behind. With hyper realistic beauty filters that move with your face and body plaguing our screens, the body positivity movement has never been more crucial.

Thankfully a wave of empowering voices have emerged on social media, who aren’t afraid to keep it real. No filters, no Photoshop, just unapologetic authenticity. These individuals are using their platforms to challenge traditional beauty standards, share their raw experiences, and foster a community where everyone feels seen, heard, and appreciated.

So if you’ve ever felt personally victimised by your Instagram feed, keep reading for our list of 20 body positive influencers you should follow, like yesterday.

Bella Davis

1. @isabelladavis6

We have to kick things off with one of our favourite fellow Aussies. Bella is redefining every patriarchal beauty standard you can think of, from boob shape to body hair. If that’s not enough to get you on board, follow along for her daily “good morning beautiful queens!” stories. They’re the best way to start your day!

Megan Jayne Crabbe

2. @meganjaynecrabbe

No list of body positive creators would be complete without Megan. From influencer to bestselling author, Megan is doing the work when it comes to slaying diet culture and helping people worldwide embrace everything that makes them THEM.


3. @mynameisjessamyn

Jessamyn is a yoga teacher, podcaster, BoPo advocate, award-winning author and all round incredible person. Follow along for her inspiring content, to keep up with her yoga practice and the occasional spicy tip.

Saterra St. Jean

4. @fullerbustbestie

If you’ve checked out our Instagram, there’s simply no way you don’t recognise this gorgeous girl. Saterra has been on an incredible trajectory since she debuted her Instagram in 2021. Follow along for all your fuller bust recommendations and to watch her smash her career goals.

Harnaam Kaur

5. @harnaamkaur

Another body positive must-follow is Harnaam. This incredible woman is doing the most when it comes to raising awareness for PCOS and advocating for better health outcomes for those afflicted.

Bree Lenehan

6. @breeelenehan

Bree is a feel-good rom com in human form. For uplifting body positivity posts, solo date inspiration and to watch her grow her little farm, hit that blue button and follow along.

Lauren Edge

7. @itslaurenedgex

If you’re part of the fuller bust community on Instagram, there’s a good chance Lauren’s already on your radar. With posts ranging from fuller bust fashion recommendations to body acceptance after baby, check her out.

Stephanie Yeboah

8. @stephanieyeboah

For beautifully shot street fashion and product recommendations that cover the full spectrum, from Lego to skincare, Stephanie has you covered. If you’re still craving more, her website is a fantastic resource for further recommendations, not to mention her podcast and bestselling book.

Lottie Drynan

9. @lottiedrynan

Lottie has been making a splash in the BoPo community ever since she starting sharing her bloating outfit recommendations! We all bloat, but we don’t talk about it nearly enough and it’s about time we start dressing for comfort.

Donicia Hofman

10. @doniciahofman

Donicia is one of the lesser known creators on this list, but she became a must-follow for us when she tried out our bras! Beautiful inside and out, Donicia’s page is a one stop shop for fashion recommendations, good vibes and embracing everything that is you.

Izzie Rodgers

11. @izzierodgers

Izzie is challenging traditional standards of beauty left, right and centre. From her journey towards accepting her skin to her inspiring Instagram vs reality posts, she’s sure to make your feed a more uplifting place.

Tayla Collison-Childs

12. @my_catheter_and_me

Tayla has such a soft spot in our hearts and deserves so many more followers than she has! This inspiring woman is a disabled model and chronic illness advocate who proves your circumstances don’t have to hold you back from your goals.

Katie Budenberg

13. @katie_budenberg

Katie is unapologetically herself and we are so here for it. Her no f*cks given approach to body positivity is so refreshing, and her queer advocacy and sexual wellness recommendations are the cherry on top.

Sandie Roberts

14. @therealsilverlinings

Ah Sandie! We simply adore following along for their fashion and beauty tips, along with their important disability and LGBTQIA+ advocacy work. They had to restart their account at the end of last year and don’t have nearly as many followers as they deserve, so let’s change that!

Michelle Osbourne

15. @uncomfortable_bliss

If you’re struggling to feel worthy due to a perceived flaw, you have to check out Michelle. She’s busting the notion of your size being tied to your physical and mental health, and we love her for it!

Nelly London

16. @_nelly_london

Nelly is proof that self-love is a journey, and not a destination. If you’re recovering from an eating disorder or simply learning to love yourself, her posts keep it so real and are sure to help you change your perspective.

Sarah Nicole Landry

17. @thebirdspapaya

Sarah needs no introduction. She’s one of the OGs of the BoPo community, and we love keeping up with her life as a mother, motivational speaker, writer and so much more. Not to mention, Shane is IG husband goals.

Ariella Nyssa

18. @ariellanyssa

Another glorious Aussie, Ariella is worth a follow for her beautifully curated feed and her stories where she keeps it real and talks about her struggles, triumphs and daily life. 

Kenzie Brenna

19. @kenziebrenna

Kenzie is one of our favourite self-love advocates. If you can’t get enough of her inspiring Reels, where she touches on everything from body image to going back to uni later in life, she also has two wonderful podcasts!

Chessie King

20. @chessieking

If you love following people who speak to you like you’re one of their friends, Chessie is your girl. We’ve loved watching her journey, from getting engaged, having her beautiful bub and getting married. She’s guaranteed to up the positivity in your feed.

So there you have it! If you’re leaving your scrolling sessions feeling less than stellar about yourself, give these incredible body positive influencers a follow. We guarantee your self-love meter will be topped up.

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