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amazing fit and support for my growing chest.
Kara Y
Very comfortable, will order again !!
Megan P
I was so pleased with this bra, soft, comfy with great shape and it provided support for my lopsided boobs! Love to wear it Day or night
Caroline F
I am a 16E/F/G (depending on the brand...) and got the XL for the sugar candy fuller bust. I purchased this to have a soft cup bra for the early days of breastfeeding. It is so comfortable and gives good enough support that I will probably keep wearing it for the whole breastfeeding journey, but also comfortable enough to sleep in. When you hold it you can just feel the quality of the bra!
Katie R
I love this bra! I want to wear it everyday. It has great support for a large bust without the uncomfortable underwire.
Hannah B
I'm impressed. I'm on the bustier side and have been searching for a nursing bra that would fit and be supportive for a big bust. I do wish the cup size was a tad larger but I'm not spilling out of it at every turn as I have with other bras. I love the support through the band. The material is soft and comfortable too! Like I said if the cup size was a tad larger this would be the perfecr bra. That being said, I would still recommend this to my nursing friends!
Amanda L
As a rather large breasted person pregnancy 34G I've found it incredibly hard to find a bra that fit and I could tolerate from a comfort standpoint. I have been holding off buying nursing bras but broke mid third trimester because everything with an underwire was so uncomfortable. This has been a great bra super comfortable fits well and is surprisingly supportive for something without an underwire.
Lis P
Love this bra. It doesn't provide as much lift for larger breast (40G) as the croissant bra but that's expected without an underwire. Provides pretty good support and the girls are lifted enough to wear in public.
Janna R
I am SO happy with the Sugar Candy. I am a size 34 G in the Croissant Smoothing bra, 5'4 tall, 165 lbs, and the size Medium fits me perfectly! The cup is amazingly supportive, and has side slings so it holds your breasts in and up from the sides. That is something that is very important to me when I wear T-shirts. Even with the great support, this bra is so stretchy that it will easily support me through the first few weeks of extreme swelling.
Ellen S
The first nursing bra I bought. Well-made, flattering and so comfy! Makes nursing a breeze. I am so glad I bought 2 of these and I will likely buy more.
Lindsay H
Great quality, the cups fitted perfectly however the band was far too small despite having checked measurements several times. Had to add on an extender but apart from that, very comfortable to wear.
Leslyn P
The cups fit great in this bra and offers lift + support. The only thing is the band runs small, but I added a bra extender to fix it. Works great.
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