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Not pregnant & many years postpartum but I still wear the maternity sleep bras daily! Very comfortable to wear!
Lana M
Comfortable well fitting bra love the fact that there's no wire and have full bust support. Very well made.
Angela M
I was very disappointed that even though I'm the same size as the model that my bra did not fit me. I'm an English size 38jj and I used Cake Maternity's size guide and measured myself then to double check I was measured by a professional in John Lewis who assured me I was a 38jj. I ordered the XXL but it's too small and doesn't stretch to fit. I'm spilling out of it . So upset.
Tina D
Beautiful bra. I wore the maternity version of this for years. Comfy and great that it can be tumble dried. Need a wider range of colours!
Anna B
Wonderful bra that makes me feel good about myself. No more adjusting all day long or worrying I'll pop out!
Dom V
Love this bra! I'm not in the maternity or nursing category anymore, but this bra works for me. I really despise underwire and boob sweat. This bra solves both those issues. So thankful this company exists.
Dom V
This is THE best wireless bra ever created! My one and only everyday bra. I ordered the XS in black. My normal cup size is 30FF UK or 30H U.S. This bra does everything a wired bra does. It supports with fabric "underwire" slings and has side slings. The slings are thick, which in turn supports very well just like an underwire. It rounds me, separates me, has the criss cross function with the straps, and is v-cut so it won't peek out of shirts. This is exactly like a wired bra. I'm amazed. I get all the support and roundness of a wired bra, but without the pain of wires. Wires all seem to dig in to me and hurt my ribs. I wear it with the criss cross option. I love this wireless bra. No pain! This is the best bra I have ever tried and that includes wired bras. Do not stop making it!!! I will be buying more colors! More color varieties would be nice too.
I love this bra! I needed a new bra for sleeping in and the one I previously had from another company was discontinued. So the search began. It’s hard to find a non-wire bra for a fuller bust (32G/H) that doesn’t creat the uni-boob effect, but the Sugar Candy does it. It is very comfortable, not too tight for sleeping, yet still supportive. This is my new favorite comfort bra! I hope this is a permanent addition to the Cake brand.
D Johns
I wear a 30G (UK size) in Fantasie bras. In short, small band, large bust. I ordered this hoping to use it as a sleep / home bra—wireless and more comfortable. Based on the reviews and the size guide (wish it were clearer), I ordered an XS. Unfortunately, that size didn't fit—the band did, but the cups were too small; they just didn't have enough fabric for my size. That said, the bra otherwise seemed very comfortable and high quality.
Julia T
i am quite happy with my new cake maternity bra, i was a bit uneasy at first to order from canada, but this purchase was well worth the extra money, the construction of these bras are so needed for fuller busts women. glad you guys are making such great bras for pregnancy and even post pregnancy. i want to order one of every style as i am hooked now on your nursing bras!!
I am honestly really excited to review this bra. I have a fairly small frame (29/30 inch ribcage) but have struggled with large, heavy, bell-shaped breasts since I was unfortunately pretty young. I also have scoliosis which, when my bra isn't supportive enough, can cause me pretty bad pain. I have tried just about every brand, wired, non-wired, off-brand sports bras, padded, non-padded, just. about. everything. I had just returned a bunch of bralettes ( I wanted to find something comfy and supportive, aka non-wired) and was searching to see if there was something I missed when I found Cake Lingerie. This is the first product I've tried from the brand (though a lot of it doesn't apply just because I'm not pregnant) but I was instantly ecstatic upon putting the bra on. It is snug around my ribcage and I no longer get red, irritated skin under my breasts (something that I had just grown to deal with). The cups are slightly small so I'd maybe try a medium next time? But it fits so incredibly while being so comfortable and actually really really cute! (not something easy to find in this size) I don't mean to sound like a raving lunatic, but this bra has literally helped me so much since I've received it. These last few months I started actually considering getting a breast reduction and, while that might be in my future if I have children, I no longer feel like it's necessary for me because I am genuinely confident and comfortable in my own skin with this bra. YES this is dramatic for a bra, but it's really that good.
Chelsea G
I normally wear at 30 E and I've never found a bra without an underside that made me feel supported. This bra is soft and holds everything in place with smashing the girls. Love this bra!
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