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Education by Sugar Candy - October 28, 2020
bacis bralette - rosewood


How on earth do you get the bra to fit, support and lift a fuller bust when there are no wires and it is basically made from one thread of knitted yarn? We’d like to say it’s magic, but there’s so many different mechanisms that work together to make our bralettes work the way they do, quite like the musicians in a band working together. Let’s break it down.

The band members.

Just like a regular band, there are many different instruments being played to make a song sound awesome and lots more that happens behind the scenes (or seams). Meet our players below…

platform sling

The Lead Guitar (better known as the platform sling):

This clever patented bugger actually works better when it has more to do. The more weight that rests on it, the harder it works to lift and support your breast. Picture a shopping bag, the more you put into it and the greater the tension, the flatter the bottom of the bag becomes. This is why we say to make sure it is not bunched up under your boob, but is sitting flat against the lower part of your breast.

The Rhythm Guitar (better known as the side sling):

This is there to make sure your breasts don’t fall out the sides and also to project them forward into the moulded cups. The side sling in the nursing version also acts as a nursing sling, to hold the strap in place while you’re feeding your baby.


The Bass Guitar (better known as the underband):

This is ribbed, so has maximum stretch and retention—think of an accordion. It also has an extra elastic piece inside it for a snugger fit. This is sewn in place along the band to inhibit rolling or folding within the channel. This is secured within the hook and eye closure.

The Vocals (better known as the straps):

These are made *without* elastane to ensure they’re extra strong and don’t over-stretch, which in turn helps them last longer. The shorter the stretch, the better the support.


The Back Up Vocal (better known as the j-hook):

This clever device allows you to angle the straps together into a racer back formation. This is separate to the slider as we all know that the J-hook position and the slider aren’t always friends with each other. This is perfect if you’re wearing a racer back tank, have slopey shoulders or need some extra support and lift.


The Drums (better known as the cups):

These are double layered and moulded. Not just any mould either. We tried and tested so many different methods to obtain the depth required for a larger bust, without compromising the integrity of the fabric. This is a secret, so we’ll leave this one here.

The Keyboarder (better known as the binding):

This also has a shorter stretch to make sure that your boobs are contained and that the rest of the bra is doing the work. This ensures that the binding sits higher on your body and allows the breast to go where it’s supposed to, in the cup, not out the top.

The Road Crew (the inner workings of the sling—these guys make the magic happen):

Between the folds of the sling are secret layers of powernet. Powernet is a super strong mesh that was invented for use in shapewear and sports bras back panels. We thought it would be pretty handy here too.


The Stage (the framing):

It performs like a wire, without the wire. We’ve mimicked the function of the wire through the framing fabrics. By making these rigid and secure around the bust where the wire would normally sit, we’re able to lift and shape, without the discomfort of pesky pokey wires.


The Songs (the yarn *see what I did there*):

This is specially sourced from a highly sought after mill and is micro knitted nylon 66 yarn, blended with elastane.

The Sound Mixers (the knitting machines):

These things look like aliens and are super loud too. They are programmed and then set to work. This means there’s minimal wastage as the yarn is only used to knit the intended garment. The world needs minimal waste and we are doing our bit to make that happen.

The Groupies (the SugarLovers*):

We love you guys and wouldn’t be here unless you needed us. We’re here to help you feel more comfortable and supported, every day.

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