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We are living in an age where the model celebrity is not a carbon copy shape of the 90’s. The time to embrace everyone’s individuality is here now, but there are some narrow-minded laggers who are living in the dark ages. Body shaming is unfortunately still a thing coming from those hiding behind their computer screens and if you haven’t stood up for yourself then the time is now. Time for revolution.

Best Body Shaming Responses


While the natural instinct is to fight back, this is one of the methods of dealing with body shaming. This can feel good for a short time and might make them think twice about doing it to someone else. Other methods include ignore them, delete them, walk away from them, agree with them, talk to them, ask them to stop or tell them to join you.

Body Shaming can show it’s face in many ways – opinions of whether you are too fat, too thin, long legs, big hips, no bum, well endowed, red hair, curly hair, etc.

Body Shaming


Here are some tools for your body shaming toolbox to try to help you deal with the ignoramus maximus of the day:

Retaliation: You need to be quick witted and also ready for. Some psychologists say that if you are ready for a fight – this can also provoke one.

Be aware: There are narrow minded people out there – you have the upper hand knowing that you are not one of those. Knowing that they are miserable and obviously unhappy with their appearance and the simple fact that you are accepting of your body and proud of it, should be enough victory for your fight.

Fight Hate with Love: Celebrities have had the best responses with this method. See below for some love verses hate comebacks.

Body Shamer: “no one wants to see your big hooters – keep them under wraps next time”

Hate answer: “no one wants to see you face either!”

Love answer: “I’m glad they grabbed your attention – thanks for noticing” (followed by girly giggle)

Body Shamer: “You should eat a burger, you’re too thin!”

Hate answer: “I could eat a burger and put on some weight, but you’re a schmuck and there’s no cure for that.”

Love answer: “are you asking me out on date?”

Body Shamer “I thought there was an earthquake but it was just you walking down the street”

Hate answer: “that was you measuring a 9.9 on the heartless richterscale”

Love answer: “what you felt was a connection between you and I – I felt it too!”

And so forth….

Whatever your answer if there is any answer or not, it’s important to be ready emotionally for the attack.

You are beautiful. You are human. Period.

“Is fat really the worst thing a human being can be? Is fat worse than vindictive, jealous, shallow, vain, boring, evil, or cruel? Not to me.” – JK Rowling

Even if you do not want to jump in and defend yourself to a total stranger, your mother or a fellow shopper at Target (well you are practically related) then be ready for others to step up. Likewise, a battle shared is a battle won so don’t’ let those pesky comments go unnoticed. If you see someone being bullied, then feel free to add a comment yourself, in their defense.

Enjoy yourself. Life is too short to worry about others petty opinions. The only one that matters is yours.

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