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Big boobs are sometimes blessings and sometimes a curse. We know they may make you feel glum or can make you feel enlightened too. I’m sure we can all agree how you can relate to some or all of the following:

This is how you feel at the end of the day:

Bra Feeling GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

via makeameme.org

After a hot muggy day, coming home and taking your bra off

there's nothing like taking bra your off after a long hard day of having boobs

via dopl3r.com

This is how you feel attempting anything active:

when it takes more energy to get the sports bra on

Credit imgflip.com

my boobs are sweating

Just for giggles, because you have to laugh:

a woman got wooden breast implants yesterday

via someecards

maybe if wear this shirt that shows my boobs i'll meet a nice guy who wants me for my personality

via Pinterest

i want to sleep on my stomach but my boobs are too big

via pinterest

when you see a pretty bra at victoria's secret

via pinterest, via @hellogiggles

When you can’t hide your bra under a tank top

i can see your bra, good it was expensive

via pinterest

big boob problems

via pinterest

where the rest of my cookie went

via pinterest

and just because this is a bit funny:

Remember to have a laugh because sometimes we just have to.

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