13 Funny Relatable Memes for Anyone with Big Boobs

Lifestyle by Sugar Candy - November 12, 2019
posh bralette - black

Ah, big boobs. Sometimes they can be a blessing, but other times they’re one hell of a curse. Aside from taking your bra off after a long day at the office, one of the best ways of dealing with the annoyance of your nunga nungas is having a scroll through some big boob memes.

So If your chest melons are getting you down, or you just need a good chuckle, keep on reading!

1. Ain’t that the truth…

strapless bra

2. In the wise words of Borat, wa wa wee wa!

taking off bra

3. When you have that one go-to bra and can’t bear to go without it on laundry day…

same bra for a month straight

4. You the second you exit out of your Zoom call.

woman sitting pulling her bra out

5. Summer, amirite ladies?

boob ponytail

6. Eh, waffles are better than pancakes anyway…

pancake boobs

7. Gives vanilla a whole new meaning…


8. Gotta love having boobs to help you sneak candy into the cinema and popcorn out!

popcorn bra

9. It’s inevitable, but oh so sad…

retired bra

10. Nuff said.

long hard day of having boobs

11. If only we could just whip ‘em out and air them out!

boob sweat

12. One black eye coming up!

jumping for joy

13. It really is inevitable.

only two things are certain

Hopefully these memes gave you a laugh, or at least made you aggressively exhale out of your nose.

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