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36 Funny Relatable Memes for Anyone with Big Boobs

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Big boobs are sometimes blessings and sometimes a curse. When you feel a little overwhelmed and wondering how to get through a day. Have a look at these and have a giggle. We all know that laughter is the best remedy for a bad day. We know they may make you feel glum or can make you feel enlightened too. I’m sure we can all agree how you can relate to some or all of the following:

1. This is how you feel at the end of the day:

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2. After a hot muggy day, coming home and taking your bra off

there's nothing like taking bra your off after a long hard day of having boobs
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3. When your bra is not quite enough support. Let’s find the nearest desk, table, bar or anything about nipple height.

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4. This is how you feel attempting anything active:

when it takes more energy to get the sports bra on
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5. Boobs are sweating:

my boobs are sweating
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6. When you want to celebrate but you know better than to knock yourself out with your boobs.

jump up and down
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7. The best halloween costume or any dress up costume for that matter. Love this.

bouncing ilana glazer
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8. A dad joke pun that finds its way here.

a woman got wooden breast implants yesterday
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9. When you want to celebrate like the big boys, but know you never will do this with your big boys.

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10. When you’re new at dating and you want someone to appreciate you for you and not just your big boobs:

maybe if wear this shirt that shows my boobs i'll meet a nice guy who wants me for my personality
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11. When boys will be boys, and stay being boys forever:

seeing boobs
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12. When it’s your last resort to win an argument. Try this nifty trick:

playing with your boobs
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13. When they seem to take all the attention:

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14. It’s a real problem when you can only sleep on your back. 

i want to sleep on my stomach but my boobs are too big
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15. Yes, this invention is a real thing. When you can’t sleep on your tummy because….

comfy breasts
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16. When all else fails and you need to feel good about yourself:

life depresses me
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17. The pretty bras never look as good in your size. Or they just don’t make them that big to start with.

when you see a pretty bra at victoria's secret
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18. When you want to wear a pretty shirt but in reality:

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19. When you don’t want to make eye contact with anyone….

making eye contact
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20. That look and feeling when someone elbows your boob by accident:

elbows your boob
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21. Guilty or not guilty? When all slogans are targets…

not my fault
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22. A funny joke: yes, tit is.

wanna hear a joke
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23. When your boobs are the first to go:

when you start to lose weight
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24. When even babies are oogling at you..

boobs come out
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25. Boobs are magic: Whether happy, sad, angry, or broke….

boobs are magic
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26. Boob shirts are a plenty. But this one is one of our favourites:

invention of the boob word
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27. When you like to share. Sharing a caring:

take some of mine
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28. Eyeroll alert:

why cant we
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29. Some things are certain. This ones for sure if you’re bigger busted:

certain things
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30. When you can’t hide your bra under a tank top

i can see your bra, good it was expensive
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31. When you wonder if he likes you for you or just because you have big boobs?

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32. When your boobs win every time.

out boob you
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33. Itty bitty tank top problems. Welcome the full blown pyjamas to avoid the dreaded side boob flop out whilst sleeping.

big boob problems
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34. Left over snacks – we’ve got your back.

where the rest of my cookie went
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35. Hand washing your bra. We wish it was this easy:

weird cat

36. The booby slap routine you just wish sometimes:

Man Boobs GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
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Remember to have a laugh because sometimes we just have to.

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