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Collabs by Sugar Candy - July 22, 2021
jamie wearing posh bralette

Jaimie may be familiar to you if you’ve been lurking on our socials or website, but there’s a whole lot more to this gorgeous girl, that even we didn’t know! To learn all about her history, her different careers, and her inspiring views on body positivity and the modelling industry, keep on reading.

Hey Jaimie! We’d love to kick this off by learning a bit more about you. Where are you from and what’s your story?

Hey hey! I am from Port Macquarie, a gorgeous beachside town up the NSW coast. I will always love my hometown but I decided to shake things up a bit and move to the big city in 2019… and I’m so pleased I did because I adore Sydney life!

jaimie riding bike

So you joined the Sugar family when you were one of our models in 2020. What first sparked your interest in modelling, and how did you get your start?

Basically, I was “scouted” in my local shopping centre by a model agent when I was in my early twenties (I’m 30 now). I was so flattered, I said yes straight away! I always like to seize opportunities that come my way because you never know where it might lead you – and this has led me to lots of wonderful experiences and opportunities; including meeting everyone at lovely Sugar Candy.

jaimie modelling

There’s been a big—long overdue—shift towards diversity in the modelling industry. What has this been like from an insider’s perspective?

I feel like there’s still a ways to go, because it can sometimes feel very tokenistic. However, things have come a long way and I can only see it going forward and growing. I think the world we live in now is so aware, so open to positive change and really willingto speak out more than ever. This helps reassure me that the industry won’t revert back to old patterns of unrealistic standards.

In addition to that increased accountability, brands are getting positive feedback from the community who are seeing themselves represented and heard more than ever before so that makes for a bright future!

To be successful in the modelling industry, it’s often necessary to build up a thick skin. What are some of the strategies you use to stay grounded?

I mean, you just can’t attach your value to your physical attributes, because most of the time you’re simply not the right image that someone is after. And although it might feel personal, it’s not. Casting agents are just doing their job – to fit a brief. 

I think it’s important to have other interests and passions too and not let one thing consume you. Self-worth isn’t defined by the way you look!

jaimie holding flowers

Something we recently found out about you is that you’re also a florist! What is it about floristry that appeals to you?

I am! I find so many aspects appealing… It’s very creative and that was something I didn’t know I needed an outlet for until I started. Working in an environment that is aesthetically pleasing helps too – being surrounded by beautiful flowers day in and day out is a dream. 

What does an average working day look like for you in this post-pandemic world we’re living in?

Honestly, I feel really lucky because not much has changed for me. My day starts off with a nice early walk to the florist shop, an oat milk mocha within 5 minutes of my shift starting, a full day of making beautiful bunches and arrangements, endless sweeping and a brisk walk home smelling like eucalyptus.

At the moment this is only made different by shifting to more flower deliveries rather than in person orders and wearing a mask. I’m very grateful to have a job that can bring joy to people stuck in isolation or missing their loved ones, and special occasions during the pandemic.

jaimie with books

Are there any other careers you’ve dabbled in throughout your life? Are there any that you still want to try?

Ohhhh yes. I have worked in libraries for 11 years! It was my first big career and I still work casually at a beautiful Sydney library in addition to the florist because I am a massive booklover. After 8 years of full-time library work I decided to go to ‘flower school’ to become a florist and challenge myself, and it has really served the creative side of me that I was missing. 

I would still love to dabble in many different careers – I think horticulture might be on the cards next!

In this age of body positivity and embracing all that is you, what’s one thing you wish you could tell your past self?

I wish I could tell myself that no one else notices the things you consider flaws, and to stop letting them cloud the way you live. It’s such a waste of energy to stress about pink bumpy skin on the back of your arms or if people can see rolls of back fat through your top!

What are some of your hobbies that you enjoy outside of work?

I love to read – no surprises there, and I love to dance! My favourite style of all is disco, however I love this casual class called No Lights No Lycra, where you dance to a mix of songs in the dark with a room full of strangers. It’s so freeing and I highly recommend it once the world is open again!

I’ve also really gotten into home cooking and baking this past year… A mix of turning 30 and being housebound during lockdown I’m sure.

Who is your biggest inspiration (past or present) and why?

There are so many, but I’ve always loved Serena Williams. She is an absolute powerhouse in all aspects of her life and my favourite quote by her (in regards to body positivity) is “I’ve been like this my whole life and I embrace me…. I don’t have time to be brought down, I’ve got too many things to do. I have grand slams to win, I have people to inspire, and that’s what I’m here for.” What a goddamn queen.

jaimie with flowers

What does self-care mean to you, and how do you implement it in your day-to-day life?

I think self-care is about identifying what really serves you day-to-day and what small things make you happy and content. 

I enjoy routine, organisation and keeping myself busy, so I make a daily list to keep me on track, declutter my mind and be productive. I try to develop good habits, like a daily walk outside (even if it’s to the cafe – great motivation let me tell you) cooking a nice meal, listening to a podcast, reading something I enjoy.

Do what makes you feel content! And remember ‘time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time’ so don’t feel guilty if what makes you feel content is binging a full series and eating cookie dough in your dressing gown on the lounge (the best).

If you were stranded by yourself on a desert island, what three things would you bring with you and why?

A book that I’ve always been meaning to read, a huge bottle of water because I am forever thirsty and a jet ski so I can scoot back to the mainland when I’m hungry *wink*.

Where can people find out more about you?

Instagram is the way to go! Depending where your interests lie there’s @thescarletmodel, @thescarletflorist or the OG @thescarletlibrarian.


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