13 Problems Only Women With Big Boobs Understand

Lifestyle by Sugar Candy - January 8, 2020
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Are you a fuller busted gal or have a busty pal? Growing up we all thought that the big breasted were ever so lucky, but in reality the burden of that load (on your chest) is not so easy to carry. Here’s a few of the issues that we face, sometimes DAILY! Get ready for a laugh because I’m sure we can all relate to these #bigboobproblems.

1. Unwanted attention

unwanted attention

Trying to cover up is not always easy, especially in the warmer months.

Guys pay too much attention to your boobs. Girls do too. It’s hard to tell if someone is being genuine if they can’t maintain eye contact.

Have I dropped some salsa on my boobs (probably)? Are they even listening to me? Why is that girl death staring me? Did that old man just flirt with me?

If you really want to mess with them, wear a pendant necklace that disappears into the abyss and see if they look you in the eye (they won’t).

Job interviews, first dates, graduation, your parents wedding… There are so many times you’d prefer NOT to have attention on your boobs and just want to blend in with the crowd.

Having a larger bust also makes it difficult to find something that is nice to wear, but doesn’t hang like a sack. There’s a fine line. Oh the dilemmas.

2. Squeezing into my bra

Trying to find a bra in your size is sometimes impossible.

squeezing into my bra like

Good luck finding a bra that fits, that is cute, that is comfortable, that is $20 (like my friends buy all the time) that supports AND that lasts. It’s quite a list!!!

The first thing you want to do when you get home is rip off that boob prison. The wires are hard, the straps are rigid and you just want to get comfortable. Or even worse. you might need to pop down to the shops later, you might be expecting visitors, you might have a flat mate or live with your boyfriend’s parents. So, that bra stays on right up until you go to bed. In some cases, girls wear their wire bras to bed too!

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3. Button strain is a real pain

button strain is a real pain

Forget wearing a button up blouse. T-shirts are a fuller busted gal’s best friend. But when it comes to work, you might HAVE to wear a button up.

Throughout the day you’re conscious of your gaping boobs and CONSTANTLY checking your buttons. Are they in the correct position? Is the top button too low or too high? Button phobia is a real thing.

4. Searching for a pretty, comfortable & supportive bra…

…That is not black or beige?

bra hunting

If you do find a bra that is pretty, it might not fit you. If by some miracle it DOES fit, then you can usually bet that you will be a different size in another brand, or even in the same brand in a different style.

It’s such a headache to try bras on all the time, so many hooks and eyes! And don’t even get us started on adjusting your straps in a change room.

If you see one that IS cute, you find your size and realise it’s not that cute anymore. There’s a reason shoe stores display the smallest sizes…

If you do find one that is cute AND in your size, you can bet that it will not be very comfortable for very long, nor very supportive, and will probably fall to pieces after the first couple of grueling wears.

Nannas are all about comfort – take a leaf out of their book.

5. Trying to control the bounce

controlling the bounce

Working out? Why is that woman wearing two bras? Did she forget to take one off?

High impact exercise isn’t easy at the best of times, but try strapping 5kg of jelly balloons to your chest and playing tennis – fun right?

The Baywatch run isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Pamela deserves a prize for that show.

What about running to catch the bus? Darting across the road? Jumping away from a spider? All of these little things that happen during the day when you’re not wearing a sports bra. That’s why girls often hold onto their chests, because it actually hurts otherwise.

High impact sports bras are quite genius, but they can also be quite restrictive and make it hard to breathe. Then add a 180 BPM heart rate to that. I’m out of breath just thinking about it!

It’s a good excuse not to do that HIIT anyhow.

6. Sore back

sore back

It’s not easy carrying this load. I could really do with a back rub about now…

“Stand up straight and sit tall. Belly in and chest out, shoulders back.” This is what we hear from a young age.

If you’re self conscious about your bust then you will automatically slouch and cower, sometimes using your arms to cover your chest so that people don’t really see your lady lumps. This can lead to a strain on your upper spine, or even permanent hunching! No thank you.

If you do have good posture, you will be putting a lot of strain on your lower spine and the muscles on each side, which can lead to daily dull pain!

There have been many cases of scoliosis because of the inconsistent distribution of weight of female’s breasts. It’s a lose lose situation.

If you are experiencing back pain, try consulting with your chiropractor for some exercises which could ease your strain.

You could also find relief in a posture back brace from your pharmacist. Or a massage *hint hint*.

7. Seatbelt squeeze

seatbelt squeeze

Not looking forward to that long road trip I have planned!

Have you seen the width of the seat belt compared with the gap between your boobs?! Yet another male invention *humph*.

8. No jumping for joy

no jumping for joy

Well you can jump for joy, but can’t throw your hands in the air because they’ll be holding down your ta-tas!

9. Food lost to cleavage

food lost to cleavage

Not again!!!

That salsa that missed your mouth would have hit the floor if your boobs weren’t there. Thanks girls! Oh, and all those crumbs from breakfast will still be there for you when you take your bra off at night. That’s economising!

10. You can bet on the sweat

you can bet on the sweat

Boob sweat is a thing. It just is. Bring on winter.

11. Style restrictions

style restrictions

Do you ever worry that your best friend might have to compromise on her bridesmaid dresses because you can’t wear a strapless one? Spaghetti straps, tank tops, camis and racer backs – the list goes on for what you can’t wear without flashing your bra straps.

If you have ever dared to wear a strapless bra, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been for long due to its lack of comfort and your lack of movement. No jumping for the bouquet here.

It’s summer and you don’t want to wear straps, so wear this corset-like thing that you can’t breathe in – perfect.

Not only is it hard to wear strapless, thin straps and racer back styles, it’s impossible to wear a midriff top, high waisted shorts or tucked in blouse.

Unless you’re going for that overzealous Dolly Parton kind of look, stick to the styles that you know work for your body type and bust.

12. You never know what it’s like to free boob

no free-boobing

Remember when all those girls were giving you jealous looks because you’ve gained the attention of their boyfriend for a second too long? They are now wondering why you’re jealous of them.

They can wear a tank top without a bra, and they can go for a walk in one and sometimes a skip in public too. That’s a feeling that you may never know. Sigh.

13. Sleeping on your stomach

sleeping on your tummy

I mean, unless you like being super elevated and having balloon underneath you. Oh and getting comfy is a big problem with these melons, so once you find something that works you just stay still. Completely still…

If you have any #bigboobproblems you want to share, let us know!

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