8 Ways to Learn to Love Your Fuller Bust

Lifestyle by Sugar Candy - October 1, 2020
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In this day and age, it’s possible that you can be made to feel uncomfortable in your own skin.

Certain aspects of appearance can attract attention, such as a visible tattoo, or a larger bust. The latter can be particularly challenging to some girls, especially if you don’t want the attention.

If you are struggling to love your fuller bust, you can dress in a way that makes you feel confident. Please don’t let nasty comments send you under the knife or hiding under your bed covers forever, instead learn to love your bust and rise above the *sometimes* jealous and narrow minded people of the world. The choice is yours!

1. You choose how you define yourself.

If you want to focus on your bust and make that a focal point of your persona — then go for it. But, just because you have a large bust, doesn’t mean it needs to define who you are. You choose your own destiny and how you want to be represented, whether it’s for your mathematical brain, your willingness to always help people, or your bust.

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2. Be prepared for the attention.

If you see a tall man walking down the street, you’re going to notice them no matter what shoes they’re wearing or how they present themselves. “Wow — you’re really tall!” might even escape your lips. His mood, past experiences and personality will determine how he responds to your comment.

You, too, can respond however you want to the attention that comes your way. The power lies in your response.

At some point in your life, you will most likely receive unwanted male attention, whether you have big breasts or small breasts. Men are fascinated with them and just because they haven’t been brought up to be respectable, doesn’t mean you need to take it on board.

  • You can report any unwanted advances.
  • Steer the conversation to topics that you’re comfortable talking about.
  • If you’re still not comfortable, remove yourself from the situation.
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3. Pop on your rose coloured glasses!

Try to focus on the good. Try a few daily exercises to help you train your brain to see the positives in everyday situations.

For example:

Stuck in traffic = At least I’ve got a car!
Missed the train = Oh great, I get to listen to the busker for another 3 minutes.
Raining = This is so good for the grass!
Hungry = I’m lucky I have food to look forward to.
Tired = I’ve been productive and now I’m ready to relax.

You get the drift…

pop on your rose
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4. Invest in your assets.

Let’s face it… You’ve got ample bust. Just like a house plant, if you don’t take care of it, it won’t thrive!

Here’s a few ways you can show your boobs you love (or are learning to love) them:

  • Focus on your posture.
  • Buy clothes that you feel comfortable in and that actually fit you properly.
  • Support is key. Never let your breasts bounce around as this will cause them to sag. Wear a supportive bra when doing high impact exercise or grab onto them if you need to run to catch that bus.
  • Wear a bra as part of your pyjamas. If you’re only supporting your heavy breasts for 10 hours of the day, what happens to them for them for the rest of the time?
  • Collagen is an important part of skin elasticity and will help support your breasts. A diet high in leafy green vegetables and good quality proteins and natural fats will benefit your body’s natural collagen production. If in doubt, grab some supplements.
  • Moisturise. A good quality moisturiser that is high in shea butter will leave your skin feeling fab.
  • Use sunscreen, especially on your decolletage.
  • Don’t smoke — nicotine will destroy your skin’s natural elastic quality.
  • Up your water intake, as hydration is also great for your skin’s elasticity and plumpiness.
invest in your assets
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5. Be confident.

Easier said than done, we know. Baby steps are the best way to improve your confidence.

Is there a crazy hair-do and makeup look you’ve been dying to try? Give them a go and wear them out and about!

Or an outfit that you love but would never wear in public? Pop it on and wear it around the house. Once you’re comfortable in it, go for a drive, then head down to the shops, and keep going until you’re wearing it all day long.

Remember that confident people usually don’t care what other people think, they only try to please themselves.

6. Talk to a professional.

A great way to improve your body image is to talk to a professional so that you have the right tools to help improve your body image.

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7. Celebrate your wins, learn from your failures.

Don’t be so hard on yourself if something doesn’t go your way. If it does, celebrate it. If it doesn’t, learn from it. What could you change next time? If you can’t change anything, then maybe it’s only your reaction that determines whether you’ve won or lost. Something to ponder.

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8. Get professionally fitted.

An essential step in your journey to boob love is to check that you are wearing the right size, and the right kind of bra. Just because you are a 36H, doesn’t mean all 36H bras are going to suit your body shape, boob shape and frame. If you’re wearing the wrong bra, this can lower your self-esteem by making you less comfortable, confident and uplifted. Ask an expert to determine your bra size to help ensure you have a well fitting bra that you look and feel great in.

  • Your bra size will fluctuate as you get older, gain or lose weight, become pregnant or breastfeed. It can change over the course of your menstrual cycle too!
  • A professional bra fitter can also address any specific concerns you have and help choose a style that suits your bust. For example, you might have narrow shoulders or a short torso, want a supportive sports bra, or to minimise cleavage or back pain.
  • Most major department stores and good lingerie stores offer expert fittings. If you prefer to shop online, many retailers offer resources and fitting tools, as well as easy returns if you get the incorrect size.
get fitted
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Everyone is an individual and has different aspects of their body or appearance that they love, dislike or wish were different. The grass is always greener on the other side. Remember that you are unique and amazing and have something that no one else has to offer. You are you — and there’s only one just like you.

Disclaimer: SugarCandy does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Any information published on this website or by this brand is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional.

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