Why SugarCandy* Is Your New Fuller Bust Friend!

Bra by xameliax - July 1, 2021
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Wires can be helpful in our bras. They give structure, allow designers to create interesting shapes and can help keep everything in place.

Being a fuller busted lady I always thought I needed wires in my bras in order to keep everything where it should be and give my girls a bit of support. So I’d suffer through days in the office with wires poking in at the side or sneak off to the toilets to re-adjust on a night out with the girls in a posh restaurant! Supported yes. Comfortable, not one bit!

Be honest, how many times have you had a poorly fitted or badly designed wired bra in your drawer that you dread putting on but felt like you had to for support in the big boobed department? Or a bra that relies completely on its wires to keep everything up, so the shoulders dig in or the cup doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. (And don’t even get me started on the broken wire destroying our washing machines)!

I really struggled to find a wire-free bra that was comfortable but still supported the weight of my bust, so I turned to bralettes instead…

But nothing seems like it’s designed for us larger busted boob owners in the bralette world either does it! Disappointment after disappointment as you realise they either don’t go up to your size, or if they do, you’re picking your boobs up off the floor just so you can walk to the till because support clearly comes as an optional extra on this model! I was always so jealous of my smaller busted friends who could enjoy the comfort of a wireless bralette but still be supported with a lovely shape under their clothes. Never thought it could be me and my 34Gs…

Then I found my Sugar Candy Bra.

Sugar Candy Bra

The first wire-free bralette I’ve ever tried that actually supports as well as being as comfortable AF.

It’s my go to now, day in, day out for ultimate comfort…and support! It’s smooth under clothes, the support is strong without weighing down on your shoulders and the band doesn’t ever roll up on me. There’s no monoboob either, you can actually see each boob and the v neckline is great for under clothes. It doesn’t mesh your girls together into a giant boob sausage making you feel huge — it really is in a league of its own.

So how do they do it?! Well, you can check out this post to see a little more about the science of these beautiful boob hammocks. But it’s essentially a combo of cleverly designed material slings that lift you up and in for that perfect shape without a wire in sight. They have comfortable wide straps so no more digging in and the band actually fits around your waist too.

Sugar Candy Bra

I was a little confused by the sizing at first, but take a look at their sizing chart here to find your perfect fit and have faith that Sugar Candy Bra have got you! It’s difficult to find bralettes that fit on the cup as well as the band but their sizing system works and all of my SC bralettes fit like a dream — it’s great!

So from one fuller bust friend to another — this is your next bra right here. Ditch the wires and come to the wire-free bra side. I promise you won’t go back – we all deserve to feel comfortable in our underwear every day, and this is the way to do it. 

You can thank me (and Sugar Candy Bra) later!

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