How Many Bras Do You Need?

Education by Sugar Candy - May 13, 2020
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When you are fuller busted, you will usually be told that you need a LOT of bras. In actual fact, because you are fuller busted, you will most likely need less.

You are in the lucky group of women that have a bunch of specialised team members, all working towards the end goal of providing lift, support and comfort for you and your breasts, via your bras.

If you buy quality, you actually won’t need as many bras, because the few that you do buy will last the distance. Let’s break it down.

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Environmental issues

Here we go again. Yes, it’s basic common sense but we’ll spell it out.

If you buy quality clothes, shoes, bras and underwear; this will be better for the environment. Not only are you saving the mass production lines of cheap and poor quality materials, but you will be saving in landfill when you throw them out.

Cheaper materials usually means untested. Toxic dyes and wastes can enter the waterways which is extremely damaging to the environment. Buy good quality and the earth will thank you for it.

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Please tell me of anyone, apart from Marie Kondo, that wears all of the bras in their lingerie drawer?

I’m sure you’ve spontaneously bought a bra that you loved and have actually never worn or only worn a handful of times. It’s either the wrong colour, fit, size, uncomfortable or has been worn too many times and you just can’t bring yourself to bin it.

Did you know that if you are fuller busted, you are actually getting more value for money when you buy a bra?

When you think about it, a 12C is the same price as a 18F, but if you look closely (assuming it is well made) the 18F has wider elastics, wider hooks and eyes, takes longer to sew and has more fabric overall. The bras cost the same amount, but the brand makes less profit on the larger size! Don’t tell your smaller busted friends though.


This all depends on what you do each day.

Do you go to work? Do you wear a t-shirt to work? Do you have an active day? Do you sit all day in a blouse? Do you drive a truck and bounce around all day? Do you wear a uniform?

at work
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  • Basically, choose a bra that will suit the task at hand. You should be comfortable and supported.
  • If you’re not getting too sweaty, then you should be able to wear your bra for 2-3 days before washing.

Recommended amount: We usually say you need 3 of these types of bras. 1 for you, 1 in the drawer, 1 in the wash.


If you are fuller busted, then you should be wearing a sleep or lounge bra to bed if you’re concerned about gravity and sagging.

I know, I know, when you’re asleep – you’re horizontal right? What about all that tossing and turning? What about all those hours leading up to bed time and stumbling around the house in the morning waiting for the coffee to kick in?

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Here’s where the real engineering feats come into play.

  • A good sports bra (sorry to say) will most likely be rather expensive. Why is that? It’s actually a design marvel to see the inner workings and structure, which is similar to those used in aerodynamics of fighter planes.

    Seriously though – what’s the purpose of this bra? To inhibit very large masses of flesh from moving when they are attached at the circumference to a wildly thrashing being… Hence the cost involved.
  • Buy a good one because you need it to fulfill its purpose if you are to remain without sag, without pain and soaring over the finish line with the utmost finesse.
  • It’s best to suss out what kind of exercise these bras are recommended for. Sports bras come in different levels of bounce reduction and most brands have their own rating for these.

The highest level is horse riding and running, the lowest is yoga, and then everything in between.

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  • If you are doing high impact exercise every day, then you will need 3 ‘high/extreme impact’ bras. 1 to wear, 1 to wash and 1 hanging on the line, because let’s face it, they usually take a lot longer to dry than your lacy numbers.
  • Figure out what sports/exercise you do and work out how many bras you need based on the equation above. If you find one that you love – buy 2.

Hot tip: Each time you wear your sports bra, make sure it is working hard to pay you dividends by ensuring the straps and hooks are done up firmly.


So you’re graduating, a bridesmaid or congrats a bride, and you need a bit of extra help on the day, to not only get dressed, but look great all day and stay comfortable. Let’s not forget that highjump required to nab the bouquet either.

Figure out what kind of bra you need before you get fitted for your dress. This way, you will know what does and doesn’t work, and how low cut your dress can be.

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Buy what you need and not what looks pretty. Make sure it is built to last so you are getting your money’s worth. If you buy quality, not only will you save dollars, but you will be saving the planet too, one bra at a time.

Disclaimer: SugarCandy does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Any information published on this website or by this brand is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional.

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