Tits the Season to Buy for Your Big Boobed Friend

Lifestyle by Sugar Candy - December 13, 2019
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It’s Christmas time again and you’ve got this one friend that is really hard to buy for. She’s fuller busted so here are some ideas for that friend who needs all the support she can get.

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1. Christmas sweater

We’ve all seen the sweater that has taken the Instagram world by storm. You can purchase this one or do a bit of Pinterest-y DIY.

christmas sweater
Source: Etsy

If this one is a bit too obvious then you can try one of these ones….

snowflake boobs sweatshirt
Source: PlanetSlay
infinite boob sweater
Source: PlanetSlay
tinsel tits
Source: Etsy
ornaments boob sweater
Source: Dolls Kill

If the weather is warmer, here’s a few different t-shirts that could raise some eyebrows. T-shirts are also great for slogans and a bit of fun, as you can cover them up in front of Aunt Hilda.

Gift idea for the Aunt = Sense of humour.

sense of humuor
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2. T-shirt

christmas shirt
Source: Etsy
sea shell bra t-shirt
Source: Cuppa Tee
bumblebee embroidered white t-shirt
Source: Etsy

3. Gift voucher

If you want to treat your big boobed friend with new a swimwear, dresses, blouses and lingerie, but don’t know what style or size they’d like, a gift voucher is a great idea.

You can check out the gift voucher from Bravisimmo. They’re a store specially made for the fuller bust. They ship internationally too, always a bonus.

4. Boob mugs

boob mug
Source: Hustle & Throw

5. Wire-free bralette

SugarCandy* Bra(lette) is wire-free bralette that actually supports, lifts
and shapes a fuller bust. When you’re not sure of your busty friend’s
size – this bra has got you covered.

lux busty bralette
Lux Busty Bralette

6. Body scrub

To keep your skin supple and smooth, try the shower scrub from Frank Body. Each scrub battles dry skin, scars and marks using only coffee and natural oils to keep skin soft and shower time interesting.

shower scrubs
Source: Frank Body

7. Boob hook

We all need somewhere to hang our coat – check out the boob hooks: Oh so pretty for a coat hook.

boob hook
Source: Urban Outfitters

8. Duvet cover

The duvet cover that makes you look twice: When your boobs have been working hard all day, it’s nice to give them somewhere cosy to rest.

boobs bums duvet cover
Source: Urban Outfitters

9. Boob oil

Yes, it’s a thing. Emma Watson (albeit not the most well endowed ambassador), is known for daily boob massages with boob oil. You could try this, or a reputed known brand of bust firming gel – our favourite is Clarins…

bust beauty extra lift gel
Source: Clarins

Hopefully these are some good ideas to get you started and ease the burden of the present purchasing saga.

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