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We’ve all been told to love our bodies. We are body, we are mind and we are soul. Our bodies are our temples. There are so many social media outlets that try and boost your body confidence but all they end up doing is shattering it. “Love your body” says a size 2 model with ribs showing and boob implants. With all the intended good, the opposite is actually occurring with a staggering 80 % of women that would consider having more than 1 operation of plastic surgery compared with 35% of men that would only have 1. The image of body is one that we are failing to live up to. Life is short so lets try and get on with it by boosting our body confidence, one day at a time. Here are some tips to help you out:


Socially unacceptable:

Stop following any social media accounts that make you feel bad about yourself. Some may be claiming to be ‘boosting’ your confidence but are they really just parading themselves for more ‘likes’ and collateral for their next paid campaign. Try and follow the real self esteem boosting pages.


Knowing your body type & know your style:

I know it’s one thing to say be confident and wear what you want but if you are lacking in confidence, there are a few winning formulas out there to make sure you’re self assured when you step out that door.

body confidence


Triangular: If you have narrow shoulders and larger hips.

Draw the eye to the top of your body with large chunky necklaces, ruffles and wide collars.

Dress the lower half with solid colours and items that will accentuate the waist.

Diamond: This is when you are wider through the midsection, and narrow at the shoulders and the knees.

Dress to draw the attention to your shoulders and hairline, as well as your legs.

Avoid belts and separated items. Go for dresses in bright prints of solid colours. Throw them off with some dazzling heels. Wear shirts that finish at your hipline, rather than tucking them into your waist.

Rectangular: This is when everything is fairly straight up and down. The aim is to make your bust and hips look bigger, or your waist look smaller. Play with ruffles and collars and low- slung skirts and wide belts.

Try a shift dress or something tailored that gives you the illusion of a shapely waistline.

Hourglass: This is where your waist is smaller than your hips and your hips and bust are about the same proportions.

Aim to accentuate your waist by using scarfs or belts – thin or thick. Tuck in your tops and wear high-waisted jeans.

Inverted Triangle: This is where your shoulders are wider or your bust is larger than your hips. Dress to accentuate the lower of your body with flowing skirts or culotte pants. Avoid ruffles and high neck tops. Show off your décolletage and wear a fitted top on the top half.

Knowing your style and being able to develop this within the bounds of your body is quite a skill. Once you’ve mastered this you’ll be sure to turn heads and receive compliments for a haircut that you had weeks ago.


Scales are for Fish:

Throw out your scales. Did you know that anorexia clinics weigh girls after they go to the toilet as water can throw out the scales by a hefty amount? Muscle weighs more than tissue. Fat weighs more than water. The best size indicator is your favourite jeans.


Tug of war:

If you find yourself tugging at your clothes throughout the day, this is a sure thing that you are not comfortable in them. If you don’t feel comfortable, you will not look comfortable.

If you try on something that you need to suck in your tummy or squeeze your butt before you think you look ok, then don’t buy it. Only buy items that you are 100% comfortable in immediately.

Try not to use clothing as a reward or a goal such as buying items as gym incentives or for your brothers wedding day etc. If it doesn’t fit, then resist buying it for you may be disappointed when that day comes and it still doesn’t fit.


Be your own best friend:

Treat yourself like you would treat a best friend. Only say nice things about yourself. If you find yourself saying negative things about other people, then try and stop this also.

boost body confidence



It will make people wonder what you’ve been up to. Make eye contact, say thank you and smile. Smile when you are talking on the phone, smile when you order your coffee and smile when you get that speeding ticket….


Workout as a reward:

Find a workout that you love whether it’s step aerobics; dawn trail walking or midnight samba sessions. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not working out or if you eat that chocolate cake. Everything in moderation.


Be grateful:

When you look at yourself in the mirror, pick out the things that you love about yourself and that you are grateful for rather than the things you do not like. Be appreciative of what your body can do, rather than what it cannot.


Tried all of the above:

Are you still not feeling the love? You may have an underlying issue with self-esteem that needs addressing. We all have issues and sometimes these are more easily sorted than others. A professional will be able to give you daily tools to use and mindful exercises to break down those barriers.

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