The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Gift Guide

Lifestyle by SugarCandy* - April 15, 2021
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Okay busty pals, we’d hazard a guess that we’re preaching to the converted right now, but if you’re not already actively trying to minimise your ecological footprint, you need to. Like stat.

We don’t want to get all hippy dippy “save the trees” on you (even though we DO need to save the trees), but we 100% encourage you to actively seek out sustainable alternatives for the products you use day to day.

That’s why we’ve put together a super snappy gift guide of some of our fave eco picks. There’s a mix of practical necessities and boujee treats for every up and coming eco warrior.

tom period cup

1. Tom Organic: The Period Cup — $40

If you haven’t tried reusable period products yet, A. what rock have you been living under, and B. get on it, like NOW! There’s all the obvious benefits of reducing landfill and putting fewer nasties in your body (because periods are already nasty enough, am I right ladies), but tonnes of women find period cups way more comfortable than any of their disposable ugly step sisters!

We love this one from Tom because it has handy finger indents for removal + a microwavable steriliser case for quick and easy cleaning! Shop it here.

jonny bonk lube

2. Jonny: Lovers Bonk Bundle — $35

Safe sex is an absolute non-negotiable, so if this cute little bundle is out of your budget ABSOLUTELY stick to ones you can afford (but please dispose of them responsibly), but if you feel like splurging, go forth and bonk!

This duo has a lovers dozen of Jonny’s vegan condoms + some organic, water-based lube. Perfect for a chemical free love sesh. Shop it here.

biodegradable vibrator

3. Gaia Eco Biodegradable Vibrator — $16

Add this to the list of things we didn’t know existed but now *definitely* need! Introducing the world’s first biodegradable and recyclable vibrator. This bad boy is crafted from starch-based bioplastic (genius) and features a slim bullet design. This one’s an innie or an outtie ladies!

With multi-speed vibrations and a quiet motor, it’s good for the planet and your bits. Shop it here.

baiia swimwear

4. Baiia: Wrapsuits — $269

We started off with a bang (literally), so let’s take a dip to cool off! Baiia’s divine three piece swimsuits are completely reversible, so you can style them to your heart’s content and mix and match! Plus they fit A-H (Aussie) cups and are made with recycled synthetic fabrics. Win, win, win and win.

Shop these stunners here.

sand and sky face mask

5. Sand & Sky: Australian Pink Clay Mask — $60.90

So face masks aren’t exactly a necessity for everyday life, but damn they’re a nice treat sometimes. Sand & Sky are pretty well known at this point, so this isn’t any more groundbreaking than florals for Spring, but hey, we all deserve a little self-care sometimes!

Shop this planet AND skin-friendly mask here.

florals for spring

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